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We believe that EVERYTHING we have, and will ever have, comes directly from God. He blesses each of us according to His grace. We believe that we should show our gratitude for God's grace in giving back to His ministry. Giving back to God for what He has done for us is not just a monetary responsibility. We know that our monetary giving helps expand His kingdom but we also believe that our giving of our time does the same. In many aspects, giving of your time is just as valuable, if not more valuable, as giving your money. We feel that each of us should give back what He leads us to give back. Always remember that God provides for us all and anything we give back to Him ultimately gives Him the glory for what He has so gracefully given to us.


Click here to give to us through our online giving site.


We have numerous church committees that need volunteers to give their time. We also would love to hear any ideas you may have for things you would like to see us offer or do as a church family. Please feel free to contact our pastor or see one of our deacons during a visit to let them know! We welcome any and all feedback from our congregation and community!


Give monetarily. Give your time. Give your ideas. There are many ways you could help our church and help bring glory to God's kingdom!

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